Saturday, January 29, 2011

Room Mom

I'm the room mom in C's class and I figure that I only have a few years left to "over cute" the parties.
This year I am doing bubbles and dollar tree mazes in their treat bags. But instead of looking so drab and boring......I am adding ribbon, paper and sayings to not make it look so cheap complete the look.
My helper:
I apologize if you are in the class.....the mazes AND sayings will NOT be on straight. We are going for "vintage" I guess.

$1 for 9 of these at Dollar Tree....add some paper and a saying and they look awesome.

These were
from Target. They were $1.99 for 16. Gasp. LOL. Still
super cheap and cute!

That's the best I could come up with.

Weekend Bloggy Reading
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Friday, January 28, 2011


Well, not quite....but I have copied a bunch of bloggers ideas this week. Almost to the point of overload. Or as my hubby says, "Can you slow down the crafts? It's just too much cute for me to handle." What?? Is that possible?

Anyways, I've been getting together w/3 friends to do 2 or 3 crafts about once a month or so.  It has been a TON of fun and the kids disappear into the basement and are not really heard from for the hours we are working!

So here are some of my stolen ideas:

Tried to age some books.......friends looked much better, but I still love it!

Used a hanger for this one and a yard of fabric from Joannes (word of NOT use fleece. It is too thick. Use something that the hanger can easily pierce the fabric) We ripped the fabric into strips and then just fed it on the hanger.

This is my favorite. It cost me $1 for the "love" thingy. I passed by it in the One Spot at Target for weeks and kept thinking, "That would be cute for something....but what??" Then a blog had can see hers here
cute sign

Copied this from the same link as above, and about 4 other blogs out there. I was going to buy a Scrabble game, but it was $17 at Target, so I raided the kids game at home. Watch...they will want to play this suddenly this weekend and wonder where half the letters are. LOL!

So, that's what I've been up to......

*I will just go on record and say....I take HORRIBLE photos...I don't know why. Always have. I don't use a flash, it's fuzzy. I use a flash and it's too bright. It's out of focus, etc. So, excuse my bad photos.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My lame valentines day decor

I have been La-zy and cannot seem to get into the valentines day spirit. I have seen tons of idea on blogland....but have yet to do much other than this:

I took the "noel" idea from Christmas, and just changed it a bit. I love it!

This is behind my sink. The plate is from the dollar spot at Target and the jars are just filled with candy.
This is a small hutch in our kitchen. It's a gloomy day excuse the bad lighting.

And mantel. LAME.  I can't find anything that looks good up there. I made a tiny specimen art. The candles/cupcakes and silver heart tree I have had forever.  The red beady thing is from Michaels 80% off Christmas sale last week.

I'm going to try to check out Hobby Lobby next week and hope their Valentines goes 50%. It's at 30% right now. Aren't they always at 50%????