Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm a brat....

My 7 year old is OBSESSED with legos. How many pieces  per box and the $$ many in a particular series......etc.
I, on the other hand, find them WAY overpriced and kind of over blown.
Well.......let's just say I rec'd an email from amazon (yes, i'm on their personal email list, thankyouverymuch) (so is everyone else in the world)
GUESS WHAT IS COMING OUT IN ONE MONTH!???? 5 OVERPRICED harry potter lego sets. I suddenly find them a great deal and cannot just chose one....errr....i mean my son cannot just pick one. all 5 cost $260. That's not that terrible, is it?????????? I mean...lets break this down: you get hogwarts castle, which is about 1290 pieces, costs $129.99 and according to Son, that is a "GREAT deal. That's 10 cents a piece and that's a great deal!!"
He's pretty smart, that boy. I think I'll rethink the whole lego thing.


  1. Buy them! (That way The Boy and I can come play with you) :)

    Who am I kidding? We'll come anyway! :D

  2. Who am I kidding, know I will own all 5 sets October 1st. muahahahahaha
    oh, i mean.....son will. But, you can still come over to play with them. I mean C. can come over. :)

  3. hey, LAZY! where are your posts DUDE? i'm waiting....