Monday, August 30, 2010

Spray Paint

I have recently discovered Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. Swooooon. I am in love with it and am currently spray painting pretty much everything I own. (Husband is annoyed none too pleased with it)
So far I've spray painted Dollar Tree ceramic pumpkins. They were a yucky orange color. Now they are oil rubbed bronze.
Side note....have you BEEN to the Dollar Tree lately?? Did you know everything is ONE DOLLAR???!!!! I haven't been in one in foreva and just went recently. They have some cute things, which some are made more cute with some spray paint.
I'm also obsessed with cloches and apochathery jars. I don't know, actually I do know why.
Lately I've been visiting blogs that will have "share" days and other people will post links to their blogs with photos of cool things they've been making. There are literally like 8 million of these cool blogs out there. Tons of finds at Goodwill (I've only given to them up to I guess I need to shop there) Seriously....they will take some of the more scary of items, but give a little spray paint and you have some cuuuuute things.
So, when I finally find and make some of these things I will post photos!


  1. those little glass things... on the spray painted things... with all those little things in them.


  2. I want to see!!!!

    Where did you pick up your ORB? Is it everywhere or do I need to go to a ninja store?

  3. LMAO!!! It is at walmart and i've seen it at menards. :)