Friday, August 27, 2010 fresh....

I love Subway. I do. I love all their veggies, except onions. (In my opinion, onions are evil) I do, however, LOVE green peppers. LOVE them.
Anyways, every single time I go to Subway I order one of two ways. I either list all the veggies I want and say, "and a TON of green peppers" or I say "and a MASSIVE amount of green peppers."
Doesn't really matter how I say it....all I know is that apparently green peppers are reeeaaallly expensive, or "TON" and "MASSIVE" to Subway workers means 3 pieces. Every. Single. Time.
I have to then say, "More please." and then they give me 3 more slices. wth?? i always order lettuce and they give you 5 cups of that, so why can I not get that much in green peppers?? Maybe I need to get a turkey and green pepper on wheat next time. (cheap bastards)


  1. you know what else they won't give ya!!! black olives. those bastards.

  2. Since Subway is a franchise, I'm sure each employee is scared to death to give anyone more than 3 cheese pieces, 3 pieces of green pepper, etc...ha!