Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hobby Lobby

Dear Hobby Lobby,
You suck. You really do. First of all, are you the last store in America to NOT use the scanner/upc system?? You depend on (mostly) old workers who really make up their own reasons on why a iron plate holder is NOT part of the 50% off iron items, because it was in a section with non-iron things. Sigh.
And, there is NO give. None. They are taught to stick to their guns. If you don't buy it, someone will. Maybe. And, when you decide you don't want an item anymore because it isn't on sale (according to the old cashier) then it is a HUGE deal and it requires LOTS and LOTS of sighing/eye rolling/work. WTH???
Do me a favor, just put everything on sale for 50% off because at some point in each month it is ALL FIFTY PERCENT OFF.
Thank you,

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