Saturday, July 3, 2010

First Post

So, for years I've been told that "you should blog. Everyone does." I just couldn't think of anything interesting to say, nothing really funny or anything that I think others would read (plus it seemed like so much work, and as you can tell.....I'm a little lazy).
Well, I guess it's time to try. Even if just to jot down funny things the kids say, weird/odd things that happen, new things we've tried.....all written down so that someday when my memory goes (I think it already has) I can look back, read what I posted and say, "I did that??!?!?!" hahaha. Kidding.

1 comment:

  1. so i'm crowding up your comments today. sorry... i just need to be more important than everyone else. AND did you know jen lancaster (hilarious writer) has a new book out called "my fair lazy"? i'm only 1 chapter in, but i think we need to make her a "lazy is as lazy does" fan!!!