Friday, July 9, 2010

Going to the movies

Back in the day, I LOVED going to the movies. The darkness, the quiet, the huge screen....completely losing yourself in a story for 2 hours and forgetting everything going on in life for that time. It was perfect for me.

Then I had kids......I find that it's been years since I have gone to the movies. Now the kids are old enough to take them, but now the movies consist of g- rated films. Sigh. Not quite the same, but it's still fun to lose yourself and your thoughts for an hour plus. And.....m&m's makes a new pretzel m&m that is PERFECT for the movie.

Today I went with some friends and saw "Despicable Me". It was actually really cute and sweet and quite funny. Funnier than I had thought. I cried a bit at the end with its sweet ending. The kids LOVED it and had already been reciting the lines for weeks. So, to watch their faces light up when those lines came up in the movie was priceless.

So, even though there are not any f-bombs, gratuitous sex or violence anymore at the movies for me, I still can find a movie here and there that will make me shed a tear.


  1. Sorry I missed it but The Boy was still sleeping...and I never, EVER, wake a sleeping child! :D