Thursday, July 15, 2010

Harry Potter

I'm obsessed. Absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter. It started innocently enough with a summer reading plan to read all 7 books this summer to C. He decided to read himself, which worked out well for both of us (me) cause in total there are 4,167 pages and I just can't imagine reading all that out loud. So, we each read when we have time. We have 3 down and are about 1/7 way through the 4th. *(it's a loooooong one that 4th book)

NL husband mentioned last night that he still has tons 'o vacation time left and maybe we should look into going to FL and taking the kids to Disney. Do you KNOW what is there??? DID YOU HEAR???? HARRY POTTER WORLD!!!!! OMG......

I looked it up and it's about a billion dollars a person to get in. (of course it is.....everything at disney is a billion dollars) But.....maybe I could go alone?? Ok, maybe just C. and me!!!!!!! (or maybe just alone)

I'm like a kid in a candy shop......oh except I'm 37.


  1. ok... 2 things.
    1. you must go with C !!!
    2. this did not start innocently just this summer. you have been peer pressured for YEARS to read HP. and traded in poor harry, hermine, ron... and let's not forget dumbledoor... for people magazine. i have nothing against people... obviously. but credit is due to that spicy little neighbor pal of yours. unless, of course, she has the hat?

  2. Well, yes she did try for years to get me to read, I just never thought I would be SO addicted!