Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall decorating

Sooooo....I've been a little obsessed with spray painting and decorating lately (what, me??? obsessed????)  I have recently started following some "thrifty" blogs and I am in LURVE with cloches. LURVE.

Here is what you start at Goodwill. Get past the smell and some of the, cough, more interesting items and look for a cheese dome.
Usually about 2.99 around these here parts....

Then you find a candle stick (usually chunky and short does the trick). Gorilla glue the sucker on to the bottom and wait several hours. Then you spray paint that bad boy in any color you like. I prefer ORB. :)Now you have yourself a cloche that can be filled with all your holiday goodness. Some examples:

Isn't that lovely????
Here are some more (see.....i'm not obsessed at ALL)

I also LOVE to spray paint....I got these lovelies from the Dollar Store (my new favorite spray paint store) and spray painted them ORB (oil rubbed bronze), Heirloom white and bronze. The tall candle sticks were on clearance at TJ Maxx for like $2 and were just awful. I spray painted them and added them to my fall dining table.

My good friend, L., has these AH-mazing candy glass jars on her counter in her kitchen. I wanted to do the same, but in apocothary jars. I did NOT, on the other hand, want my kids messing with I told them they were "fake candy". Ya know what???? THEY BELIEVED ME!!!
I thank Thrifty Decor Chic and all my other fabulous blog friends for so many inspirations.


  1. Hi - I found you through The Nester party. I really love the cheese dome/cloche idea! VERY clever & cute.