Monday, October 4, 2010

The tale of 2 halloween costumes

My kids are VERY differant. My son, 7 1/2, wants to be a lego for halloween. (I was SO hoping for Harry Potter, but he's his own person) Simple enough, I think....I've seen it in Family Fun magazine. Ummmm....little harder than I thought. I went through 3 boxes until I got the body right, and even now it's still not up to "my" standards, but it will do.
I started with a box and cut out a circle for his head and arms. I bought 6 disposable containers from the dollar store, lined them up and cut out circles for them. I couldn't glue them to the box because the rim is too thin, so i taped them to the inside.
I then went to Menards and bought Blue spray paint (he wants to be a blue Lego)

Spray paint that bad boy....
Please excuse our DIScusting garage. It's just too gross to talk about.
Anyways....all I need is a few more coats (and smooth out all my mistake cuts, random uneveness and tape marks) and to somehow get the LEGO logo on the front of each circle.

My daughter, 4 1/2, wants to be a bag of frozen corn. Yes, that is correct. She is a  Weirdo unique individual. Anyways, she started by wanting to be a PIECE of frozen corn, but a friend suggested a bag and that is MUCH easier. Poster board (Dollar Tree 2/$1) and some yellow pompoms. My friend did all the words in the proper fonts and here it is:
Just need to figure out a way to put it on her without sewing (either staples, glue or tape. That's how I roll....)


  1. LOVE the Lego!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the awesome idea!! I know what my boyfriend and I are going to be for Halloween this year :) We're 29 and 32 years old by the way. Clearly still young at heart LOL I will try to post pics when they are done to share!

    Kellie @ Dime Store Decor (

  3. oh my gosh. The corn costume cracks me up. Lego idea, very creative!

  4. I ended up making the adult Legos and I think they turned out well! Thanks again for the awesome idea :) Kellie @ Dime Store Decor