Monday, October 25, 2010

New craft

Whew. I have been b.u.s.y. being lazy and surfing the Internet. The blog world is a buzzing and there are some amazing blogs out there with some very crafty people. I'm talking UBER crafty.

One is Jellybean Junkyard  Not only is she SUPER crafty, she gave me inspiration to do this:
Give Thanks daily board
Seriously....CUTE, right?!?!
It was more a tiny bit more work than I had thought, but totally worth it. She did hers on a wood board and I did mine on a piece of canvas (from JoAnnes). I painted it with some left over paint from our computer room. I then tried forever to find coin envelopes, but I couldn't. So I just used small envelopes and cut down a tiny bit. Cut some cute scrapbook paper to fit over it and gluesticked it on. (is that a word?? Nope...spell check told me it is not. Sheesh.)
I finally used my Sizzix to cut out the numbers and letters.
I mod podged it on. I gotta say, being my first Mod Podge experience....I love that stuff. It is fun to use. (I'm weird)
So, for each day of November the kids will write something they are thankful for. Lord knows they need to be reminded of that lately.  Next year they can use the other side of the card, and they get to see what they wrote the previous year.
Check out Jellybean junkyard and see how she did hers. Hers is way cuter!


  1. I think yours turned out great too!!! Glad I could inspire! Mind if I share yours on my blog?

  2. I would LOVE that! :) Yours really is beautiful. Mine......although I am happy with it, it was my first mod podge/scrapbook paper/canvas thing and I learned a lot about what not to use to glue things with. lol

  3. Super LOVE it!!! Great job :D