Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My new love of Dollar Tree

I hope I'm not alone on my thoughts that the Dollar Tree was full of crap stuff that you could find other places for close to a dollar. Well, I was WRONG. Starting with their fall decorations...they kicked butt this year. From leaf garland, to black crows, to cute ceramic pumpkins......ALL CUTE. And one dollar. I know, I know.

This halloween, I was looking through Pottery Barns catalog, which i LOVE, but can't always afford (or want to pay for) and they have some cuuuuute things. One of my faves is their vase full of moss and little skulls. Pretty pricey, though. Well...wouldn't you know it....Dollar tree has vases, spanish moss and little skulls for ONE DOLLAR. Check out what I've made....all from the dollar tree....

Vase from dollar store, gorilla glued a base (NOT from dollar tree, but on clearance for $2 at Menard's (?? random find) Spanish moss and skulls.

Seriously...LOVE the cloche with the moss and skulls. I do. The skulls are a little too fake and plastic-y looking, so I just took some craft paint in a dark brown and added some water. I dabbed that mix on each piece and let dry for a little bit. It really made a huge difference.

Also found at the dollar tree...

Super cute. I just sanded the edges a bit and took some left over watered down paint and made it look more aged.

This one I just got some black bottles at Hobby Lobby (not $1, but pretty close) and printed some spooky labels from the Internet. The glittery skull is from the Dollar Tree. See....they are my new favorite place to shop.  The white stand is from my last cheese dome turned cloche. (the bottom part)  The jar is full of gumball eyeballs. Now all I need is some spiderwebs and I'm good to go. :)


  1. I have to say Dollar Store did rock this year with their Halloween things! I got that same sign yesterday, as well as some glitter skulls.

  2. Do I have to change your name to the Halloween Ninja now?

    Seriously, this rocks!

  3. I bought the glitter skull at $ Tree last year. One of my favs for Halloween.j
    Fellow $ Tree Junkie

  4. love this....Halloween is a huge deal at my house so thanks for sharing this.